Jenna Brooks, Your Local REALTOR (R)

How to determine "Market Value"

Wednesday Jun 3rd, 2020


I am asked frequently, "what is the value of this house?".  The answer really is simple: What a buyer is willing to pay.  First, we must understand what is in our control and what is not.  Secondly, everyone values house styles and finishes differently.  So let's dig a little deeper.   When I am representing a seller, I put myself in the shoes of a buyer and buyer's agent.  What are buyers looking for? What are they typically... [read more]

Staging - Is it really worth it?

Monday Jun 29th, 2020


For most, purchasing a home is an emotional decision.  Not to discredit the logical mapping, but unless you're a "detached" investor, you're hoping to find a home that gives you the good "feels".  You're looking for a connection; a place you can feel comfortable and safe in - where laughter and joy fill the rooms, creating lasting memories.   Recently I showed a home that was vacant.  The house and location... [read more]

Real Estate during a Pandemic: COVID-19

Thursday Apr 16th, 2020


Trading Real Estate is an "Essential Service" but it’s definitely not business as usual.  I thoroughly enjoy being face-to-face with my clients.  However, considering the severity of COVID-19, we must all do our part to socially distance and stop the spread of this virus.  This is forcing our industry to go virtual at every opportunity.  So, what does this mean?  Public, In person, Open houses are prohibited.  Virtual Open... [read more]