Jenna Brooks, Your Local REALTOR (R)


I am an advocate for connection and collaboration. These interviews allow us to get to know the people behind the business. As we're all struggling to manage the tribulations of

COVID-19, hopefully these videos bring us closer without physically doing so!

Life Made Easier, Alenka

Especially during social distancing and in a time of crisis, stress is at an all time high. Do you need help getting essentials? Have a pet with vet requirements? Alenka is here for you! Life Made Easier is your right hand and there for your every move with her concierge services.  https://www.lifemadeeasier.ca/

- Apr 9, 2020

Doyle It In, Michael

This week's #communityconnection is with Michael Doyle, Personal and Business Coach. After several years in the finance industry, Michael could not continue ignoring his calling to help others with their personal growth. His own journey is nothing shy of amazing. He is an author, speaker and coach to guide and inspire others into finding their purpose. Learn more about Michael on his website https://www.doyleitin.com/ 

- April 18, 2020

IntenSATI with Joan!

Today's Community Connection is with the passionate - get your heart pumping - intenSATI trainer Joan! Joan works in the corporate world by day but every chance she gets, her smile and energy light up those surrounding her. We had so much fun today - and I had no idea she was going to make me dance! Connect with Joan virtually while this pandemic continues to find your passion, purpose and energy! 519.281.3167

Spoken Advantage, Sarah

I just adore Sarah Hilton! This professional speaking coach shed's light on "messaging over video" in today's Community Connection. Now more than ever, people are connecting and promoting business using video online. Sarah reflects on one of my videos and shares some tips and tricks we can all use! Get to know Sarah more with our connection.


Red Bird Media, Matt 

Red Bird Media is a #London Local Business providing photography and Ariel Drone Photography! Learn more about Matt Dumas and his business on today's #communityconnection

- Mar. 29, 2020

1-800 GOT JUNK, Andrew

During COVID-19 1-800 Got Junk is an essential service allowing you still get rid of the unwanted junk around your house, while maintaining your health and safety. Andrew has been this franchise owner for 17 years! "Just point to it and it's gone". Believing in customer service, the GOT JUNK franchise fulfills Andrew's vision of servicing people and meeting their needs. Want something gone? Connect with Andrew, andrew.deboer@1800gotjunk.com

- Apr. 1, 2020

West Haven Golf & Country Club, Kyle

On this #communityconnection Kyle Campbell and I chat about his journey to becoming the GM of West Haven and how the club is handling COVID-19. Everyone is doing their best and this club is truly a community! About West Haven Golf & Country Club: a unique, member-owned equity golf club located in a picturesque setting at the doorstep of London, Ontario. Players encounter a championship course designed to offer a challenging and pleasurable game for all skill levels. Members enjoy all the amenities of a full-service private facility in a relaxing and sociable atmosphere. West Haven's well appointed banquet and dining facilities provide a beautiful venue for weddings and meetings. The team of hospitality professionals ensure every event will be a memorable one. http://westhavengolf.com/

- Apr. 3, 2020

Everyone can be a HERO - Thank you from Brett & I

My husband Brett and I share our gratitude to everyone out there on the front lines and those doing their part to stay safe. 

We are all struggling, some more than others.  Whether you're a cashier, parent, bus driver or realtor - every day we must smile, find laughter and love in the day.  It's not easy, but we have the ability to choose our mindset.  Brett helps me everyday - I hope you have a support system and if you don't, reach out to us!  We're here for you. 


- Apr 5, 2020

Sock Savings Group, James & Joseph

Welcome to this week's #communityconnection with Joseph Jongsma and James Smith. What does it really take to build a business? How do you build a business that's sole intention is to help other businesses grow? Sock Savings Group: is a concept powered by a group of like-minded professionals that think about the constant change it takes to evolve and win in the ever-changing business economy. We thrive on understanding how your business operates, by reviewing the products and services you use daily, while looking at strategies to increase sales & profitability. Learn more on their website https://www.socksavings.com/

- Mar. 11, 2020

Underfoot Flooring Consultants, Larry & Amy

Meet Larry and Amy Kivell from Under Foot Flooring Consultants in this week’s #communityconnection. Although we’re isolating ourselves currently, you can still get to know the amazing people behind this business! Check out their website and give them a call for all your flooring inquiries! http://underfoot.com

- Mar. 11, 2020

BNB Financial, Matt Shaw

We are currently at a time of social distancing and isolation but the #communityconnections must go on!!!! I thought we should change it up a bit, so without Matt knowing ahead of time, I threw at him some True or False and "Fill in the blank" questions, ha! We had some fun and then got serious with the implications of COVID-19 on today's real estate investing. Have questions regarding your current mortgage or looking for new mortgage? Check out https://www.bnbfinancialgroup.com/

- Mar. 25, 2020

Brawny Movers, John

Get to know John and Brawny Movers through our speed round of questions! Brawny Movers is a London, Ontario moving company that only employs quality movers in order to provide a better moving service. Our moving company actively services London, Ontario including all 42 districts/neighbourhoods and the surrounding area. Our movers are strong, friendly, in their twenties and attend(ed) Western University – making them more than just brawn. http://brawnymovers.com/

- Mar. 27, 2020

Dio Weddings & Events, Vanessa

Vanessa not only hand crafts cards (check out @cardsjustbecause on IG) she creates lasting memories with your events! Whether it's a corporate gig or a major milestone, Vanessa is with you every step of the way! With a love for detail and organization I personally think she handle any closet too ;P Check out her IG page @dioweddings

- Nov 20, 2019

Trak Marketing, Marina

Marina started Trak Marketing in London Ontario after working in Montreal and Toronto. Her background is vast in digital marketing and the best part, she caters to entrepreneurs! Check out this #communityconnection to learn more about Marina and why Trak Marketing can help your business grow! https://www.trakmarketing.com/ IG @trakmarketing

- Nov 29, 2019

Anne the RMT, Wortley Village

This weeks #communityconnection is with RMT Anne Kaarid. Have you been injured or are you dealing with a chronic issue? Perhaps you are looking for a natural healing option or are proactively pursuing a healthier lifestyle? Whatever your goal may be, Anne will guide you through the healing process using a variety of techniques specifically designed to work with your body’s natural processes. She is so kind, patient and a beautiful soul to be around. Located in Wortley Village of London Ontario.  http://www.kaarid.ca/

- Jan 20, 2020

AlarmTech, Bob

Bob and Nancy started Alarmtech in 1985 and are a community focused company. Their #1 priority is to secure your valuables and loved ones. Working within your budget and your needs, they'll customize a security plan that's best for you.  https://alarmtech.ca/ #communityconnection

- Jan 27, 2020

Dulux - Fanshawe & Wonderland

We're all guilty of "googling" and "YouTubing" DYI videos. And you still can! Get tips and tricks for all your paint, stain, wallpaper projects! Want a workshop on 'how to' do certain applications or tips on products? Leave a comment and we'll accommodate!

- Aug 28, 2019

Finan Homeservice

Meet John Finan, owner of the family business Finan Homeservice in London Ontario. Since the very first day in 1994, from the back of his family car, John has slowly and continuously built his business on a reputation for top-notch service with safety a top priority. With the support of his wife Martha, who also runs a highly regarded swim school in London called Finan Swim School, John has grown Finan Home Service into a company that proudly employs 18 people while operating out of a 6000 square foot facility and supports clients with the most fully stocked service vehicles in London. .

- Sept 4, 2019

Rehabilitation and Recovery (RAR): Rick Rowell

This week's #communityconnection teaches us all about fascial release and how it helps keeps us moving better! Rick has been a practitioner for over 30 years and every time I see him I learn more about my body and what I can do on my own time to keep pain away and increase mobility.

- Oct 1, 2019

Storm Chaser, Brian J. Spencer

When I first met Brian I knew there was something special about him. He dreams about tornadoes and actually gets paid to chase them! www.canadianchaser.com

PRO Golfer Patty Howard

It was such an honour to get to know the lovely Patty Howard! Her genuine demeanour and love for the game set the stage for so many women golfers. Patty Howard achieved success as professional and as a teacher. She notched three provincial championships: 1988 Ontario Ladies Professional Championship, 1988 Ontario Ladies Summer Championship and the 1991 Ladies Professional Summer Championship. She also captured a pair of wins on the Florida Mini Tour (now Symetra Tour).

- July 12, 2019

Curiosities, Wortley Village

Jocelyn not only owns Impressions in the Village she's also the owner of Curiosities! Get to know her tastes and meet Leah too! They take pride in stocking their shelves with the unusual and interesting, from a variety of makers from across Ontario and Canada. They sell a carefully curated collection of ladies wear, accessories, jewelry, baby wear, greeting cards, home décor and bath and body products, all with a focus on Canadian designers and goods.

- July 15, 2019

Laurie Hawkins, Hawk Inspired & The SOAR Experience

Curator for change, Laurie helps business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs through profitable action steps to sell with ease and ignite customer loyalty. She is a master at integrating modern strategies that drive revenue, results and raving fans. Through her unique approach to aligning strategy+soul™, she guides people and teams on a powerful and unique journey of new opportunities for growth, in their business and life. 

- July 22, 2019

Real Mortgage Associates, President David Yuzpe

To mortgage broker or to not?! At the drop of a hat, David "the Wizard" is there! For any and all mortgage related questions, I turn to David. We need trustworthy partners to assist us in aspects of real estate transactions and mortgages is one pillar that allows the industry to flourish. This is David and you'll see why I love working with him!

- Aug 5, 2019

CBRE: Bryan VanAcker

This week's #communityconnection is with Bryan! Commercial Real Estate transactions can range from $50k - millions! With so many moving parts in the industry, this pro has it dialled in!

- May 29, 2019

StepStone Hypnotherapy

Tamelynda is truly remarkable! Her story is not only relatable, it's refreshing and inspiring. As a Life Coach for 30 years, she has evolved and adapted with certifications and modalities that truly resonate with her and her clients. Mo Monday's was thrilled to have her as a guest speaker and I am blessed to know her.

- June 15, 2019

Impressions of Wortley Village

It was such a pleasure to meet the NEW OWNER of IMPRESSIONS in Wortley Village, Jocelyn King! In the heart of Wortley Village, a place where fashion motivates creativity. This inspiring, chic boutique with pieces from Canada, Europe and the US. Everything you have ever desired is right here for you - from head to toe! You'll find casual clothing, dresses, outfits, outerwear and accessories that dare to be different.

- July 2, 2019

London & St. Thomas Real Estate Board

It was such a pleasure chatting with John! As he mentions, real estate creates jobs, homes and communities. Everyone is affected with the buying and selling of real property. Straight from the source, John the previous LSTAR's CEO

- July 8, 2019

Wortley Auto Service:

It was so great meeting and connecting with Matt, Mackenzie, Scott and Jim! After taking over the 35 year old business a year ago, Matt and his crew have their hands full! They are thriving and enjoying every transmission. When I visited the store I witnessed first hand the community connection they have with their customers. Matt was finishing a transaction and asked the lovely lady how her son was doing, by name! It made my heart warm. Not only are they polite and knowledgeable, but they're personable too! Now that's the type of shop we all want to take our car to!

- April 30, 2019

Icon Home Inspectors: 

Mike Balaban takes us for a walk around the perimeter of a house to show us what to look for to ensure a safe and dry home!

- May 9, 2019

Gift Baskets By Design:

Angie takes great pride in hand selecting products for her customized baskets. Whether you're gifting an auction, baby shower or Christmas, Gift Baskets by Design will enhance your experience!

- May 16, 2019

Sweet Onion Bistro:

Attention GREEK FOOD LOVERS! We had so much fun with this interview, smashing plates - OPA!, lighting cheese on fire and of course, with our #secrethandshake. It's a real pleasure knowing this family and restaurant! Be sure to check out their patio in the heart of Wortley Village!

- May 17, 2019

Allison Graham.Co

She's written 4 books, been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, taught thousands how to overcome adversity and today, she shares her own journey! The Resiliency expert, author and media commentator Allison Graham inspires professionals to think differently about stress, obstacles and adversity through her fresh perspective on daily resilience. The result is lowered stress levels, even better work results, and more confidence to navigate change and challenges without drama in the workplace. If you want to learn how to create your own online programming connect with Allison today! https://allisongraham.co/

- April 29, 2020