Jenna Brooks, Your Local REALTOR (R)

You asked for it! Inside my mind:

April 20, 2020

Today was one of those days where I had to continuously remind myself that it’s ok. It’s ok to do nothing. It’s ok to not be marketing my business. It’s ok for my body to be sore. Truth is, I have a hard time with “ok”. I thrive on going full steam. I’m actually really good at balancing my mental state when I am going 101 miles a minute. All the inspirational videos and blogs talk about the importance of routine.  Showering and getting dressed like your old “normal”. Well I have that routine still (maybe minus the getting dressed part - let’s be honest, when I wasn’t with clients before, I was in sweat pants, why change now?).  I get up, make a coffee, go to my studio and meditate. I stretch, get my body moving with a workout then start my day. I sit at my desk and look at my list from the day before. What can I do today? I’ll work more on my blog, I’ll build another email campaign. I’ll research market stats and trends. Then what? Ok... I’ve taken up knitting. Let’s throw on Friends, because it makes me howl, even though I’ve seen it a million times. Knit knit, knit away. A couple laughs. Hmmm I’m hungry. There’s my friend, the fridge. You’re looking extra welcoming today. Stuff my face a bit, a couple more laughs at Friends. Take the dogs for a walk and listen to a podcast. Then what? Be present Jenna. Listen to the birds. What do you smell Jenna, what colours do you see? I should call this person, oh I could write about ____. But would people even want to read it? Everyone is struggling right now. It’s ok to struggle. It’s ok to be lost. BUT I DON’T LIKE OK. Jenna... this is your opportunity to be ok, with ok.  This is my time to really dig deep in acceptance.

Perhaps you relate.  We're all in this together, in some way!  Reach out if you're feeling lost, lonely or want to play some verbal catch.  I'm here for you.  Email me

My Biggest Fault and Possibly My Biggest Strength

I want to be "that" person.  That person who solves your problems.  That person you call when you're in need or maybe even think of something funny (I’m a sucker for a good meme and movie quote).  I need to be that person who made a difference.  That person who now, after meeting, you want in your life.  I have this seemingly insatiable need to be everything to everyone.  I'm not naive though.  I know when I’m not careful, I get taken advantage of.  It’s been done before and certainly will be done again.  I am extremely generous, always wanting to make people happy.  I need to help people, it’s who I am and I love that quality in myself.  Although I’ve been burned emotionally and financially, I don’t regret any of my decisions.  But, I have learned to see the signs in knowing when people respect and appreciate my generosity.  Both personally and professionally I am an open book and I believe we need honest communication for all relationships to be valued.  But, knowing how and when to share is extremely crucial.  For example, me writing “Jenna’s Journal”.  The intent here is for you to get to know me in hopes of us building a relationship.  Me offering up vulnerable thoughts hopefully allows us to relate and in turn you want me to know you.  On the contrary, it could turn you off completely.  That’s a risk I’m willing to take, because let’s be honest, like attracts like and I only want to work with people that want to work with me.  I’m sure you feel the same.

So, what is one of your faults that’s also a strength?

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