Selling Your Home During A Pandemic is A Lot Easier Than You Might Think!

Tuesday Apr 21st, 2020


It is safe to say that the days of 40+ showings are in the past, for now anyways. However, that does not mean that you can’t get a great price! Here are the steps we take before going to market.

Repair what you can. Now is a great time to make some repairs to your home as you prepare to sell in the future. Despite this pandemic, there is still so much we can do!  As many of us are working from home, it is a great idea to keep yourself occupied by cleaning up your space, maybe even try something new that you think others might enjoy. Some examples would be to fix that broken mirror in your bathroom, change the doorknobs you’ve been meaning to and/or organize your pantry and linen closets (organization goes a long way in the eye of a buyer!).  If you’re wondering about renovations, it’s not as easy to get trades over or supplies in right now, but not impossible! I do virtual tours, masked and gloved walk-throughs to give you suggestions as to where your largest return will be. 


Clean your house like you’ve never cleaned it before. I don’t know about you but cleaning can be therapeutic, especially during times of stress like today. Taking something dirty and/or messy and making it clean is an accomplishment! Cleaning your home before it goes on the market is one, if not the most essential tasks that you can possibly do. When was the last time you cleaned the windows in your house or dusted the fans? I know as I write this I need to do mine! Now is the perfect time, put it on your list! I recommend delegating some times each week to make sure your home is clean and organized, for your house and well being.

Staging & Painting. Normally I stage all of my listings.  My sister in law is a professional stager and we have a storage locker with inventory.  During this pandemic we’re very selective. During our preparation phase, I’ll make recommendations for furniture and accessory placement, which may or may not include our inventory.  Regardless, you and I will work together on figuring out the best presentation for your home, to get the largest return! Painting is one of the least expensive improvements you can make to get a huge return!  I have a team that can help here too.

Know the market, your competition. I receive notifications when new listings come online, when properties sell and what they’ve sold for.  Knowing the market inside and out will help us position our listing strategy. I’m sure you like looking at houses online too, scroll to your heart’s desire!  I look at other listings for inspiration and sometimes the ‘what not to do’. Have fun with it!

Photographs and Video. When we are close to going to market, you can go for a walk and I’ll bring in the photographer.  With their sanitized equipment and masks, we’ll safely take stunning photographs and a virtual tour.  We have some fantastic software to give us colour coded floor plans and “dollhouse” views.  

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